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This Dad's Home-Office Workout Hack Is Genius

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Max Valverde is a faithful dad with a full-time job—and he’s nonetheless discovered time to train for Olympic-level ski mountaineering. But the 39-year previous isn’t an excellent athlete: Just a couple of years in the past, he was nowhere close to pro-level fitness.

“I pulled my back picking up an empty recycling bin,” Valverde says. “I was overweight. Not like orca fat, but not healthy.”

Then, Valverde discovered what he calls a “cheat code” to maintain him in form and assist him train throughout the work day: an under-desk incline treadmill. “I completely forget that I’m doing it, and I’m logging insane hours of training,” he says. Now, he’s an honest-to-goodness professional athlete, sponsored by the out of doors gear model Backcountry.

Let’s be clear: Valverde isn’t dishonest by any means. He’s harnessing the ability of low-intensity, high-volume cardio training—referred to as Zone 2 training—to unlock a brand new degree of fitness. Here’s how the Park City, Utah-based professional makes use of his under-desk treadmill to realize his large objectives, and his tips for normal guys to alter themselves from mere mortals into mega-fit desk dads.

How Zone 2 Training Can Take You From Chubby Dad to Athlete

Walking on an incline treadmill won’t appear to be “training,” however it’s precisely the type of exercise that turned Valverde from a barely obese thirty-something right into a competitive athlete. In 2021, Valverde left his job as CEO of reserving and enterprise administration software program firm FareHarbor and determined to take a while off—properly, day off from working, anyway.

Over the next 12 months, he skilled day by day together with his eye on making the U.S. crew in ski mountaineering, which is able to make its Olympic debut in 2026. In this occasion, additionally known as “skimo,” athletes climb a mountain whereas sporting skis geared up with grippy skins, then rip them off and ski down the mountain.

Max Valverde competes in “skimo,” which is able to make its Olympic debut in 2026.

Courtesy of Max Valverde

Inspired by body-transformation documentaries like Super Size Me and lifestyle-change comedies like Trading Places, Valverde asked: With the precise routine, might anybody turn into a high-level athlete?

So he started training in an entire new method. Not with the extraordinary exercise he’d realized as a high college soccer participant and Brown University rugby athlete, however with sluggish, regular Zone 2 exercise.

Zone 2 work is low coronary heart price training, encompassing actions like mild jogs, brisk walks, or lengthy hikes, says Valverde. “I used to mountain bike one or two days per week for 35 minutes, all-out,” he says. “Now I pretty much do four hours per day of cardio, five days per week.”

Four hours of labor per day feels like loads, however Zone 2 is decidedly tame. While its extra intense than Zone 1, during which your coronary heart’s barely working in any respect, it is nowhere close to Zone 3 exercise, which leaves you breathless. It’s a goldilocks zone, during which you’re employed out at 60 to 70 % of your max coronary heart price. To inform should you’re in Zone 2, attempt the “talk test:” If you’ll be able to say a 15-word sentence without having to take a breath, you’re inside Zone 2. The tempo is beneath your ventilatory threshold, or VT1, the tipping level the place your body switches from utilizing fats as its essential gasoline supply to carbohydrates.

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A 2014 research printed in Frontiers in Physiology found that Zone 2 is best than high-intensity exercise at building extra VO2 max, which is a measurement of the utmost quantity of oxygen your body can use directly—a key physiological think about endurance sports activities. And a 2022 research printed in PLOS ONE confirmed that Zone 2 additionally helps with restoration. Korean skilled soccer gamers added three hours of Zone 2 training per week, which improved their potential to get well from sprints throughout recreation conditions.

Valverde raves concerning the restoration facet specifically: (*4*)

He could really feel like a high college athlete, however he strikes like knowledgeable. After only a 12 months and a half of base building—and a few strategic speedwork earlier than competitors—Valverde entered the 2023 USA Skimo National Championships. At 39, he completed twelfth.

Walking on the Treadmill During Work Days

When Valverde wasn’t working a 9-to-5, training for 4 hours each weekday wasn’t simply simple—it was enjoyable. After his youngsters went to high school, he’d hop on his bike for lengthy, sluggish rides or go for hikes close to his residence.

But in April, he started full-time work once more and skilled the identical drawback each working dad does: no free time. Valverde was not solely launching a brand new software program firm but in addition engaged on a brand new parenting podcast known as Milkless. Add within the obligations of being a husband and father of three, and people 4 hours of training time had been more durable to come back by.

Enter the treadmill desk. Valverde mixed a UREVO under-desk incline treadmill with an adjustable-height standing desk, and started strolling. A flat treadmill doesn’t present sufficient depth to succeed in Zone 2, however as soon as he cranks the UREVO as much as 9 to 10 % incline at a pace of two to 3 miles per hour, he logs lengthy four-hour workouts throughout the work day—even whereas on video calls.

(*3*) Valverde says. “And this is where I think people across the country—across the world—could get in insane shape without even realizing it.”

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How to Start an Under-desk Treadmill Workout Routine

1. Don’t break the financial institution.

You don’t want a top-of-the-line treadmill or space-aged standing desk to get started.

Valverde recommends selecting one that appears sturdy and has good evaluations. While he likes his UREVO’s built-in incline, such fashions value greater than flat treadmills, which go for as little as $180. You can then prop it up on wooden blocks to extend the incline, says Valverde. As for standing desks, a no-frills mannequin begins at $120. Add that up, and also you’ve acquired a fat-burning work station for $400.

For a free possibility, Valverde suggests beginning outdoors. If you’ve acquired audio-only conferences, attempt taking them whereas strolling. Mute your mic till it’s your flip to talk, then cease, unmute, and make your factors.

2. Start with six to eight hours per week.

While Valverde is notching four-plus hours per day now, he constructed as much as that over greater than a 12 months. American sports activities tradition—particularly the sort we grew up with in class, Valverde says—tells us to push more durable and sooner, consistently. But even whereas training at low depth, a lot of quantity can nonetheless result in accidents. Therefore, he recommends beginning with an hour or an hour and a half per day.

(*1*) he says.

3. If your toes or knees harm, cease for the day.

Daily Zone 2 training is enjoying the lengthy recreation, Valverde says, so that you wish to keep healthy for an prolonged time period. If you are feeling ache or discomfort in your knees or toes, take heed to your body—not your inside high college soccer coach.

“Even with easy walking, after two hours, your feet are going to hurt,” he says. (*2*)

The key: Build as a lot pain-free quantity as you’ll be able to, however don’t grind if you’re not feeling nice.

4. Stick to Zone 2 regardless of how simple it feels.

For these of us who aren’t professional endurance athletes, Zone 2 can really feel excruciatingly sluggish. But you need to bear in mind to not push too onerous. If you start ramping up, you’ll pop into Zone 3, the place you’ll breathe heavier and use extra carbs than fats for gasoline, minimizing all of the magical advantages of low-intensity training. You additionally received’t be capable of keep the tempo all day, so that you received’t construct the quantity of training wanted to get into tremendous form.

If you’ll be able to management your intuition to go sooner, although, Valverde finds the outcomes mind-boggling. “I’ve never been an endurance guy. I was always at the back of the pack, sucking wind,” he says. High quantity, low-intensity training has modified that: “If someone asks me to go do some weird hike … no matter what it is, it’s no big deal.”

Gear for Work-From-Home Workouts


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Valverde’s standing desk of alternative is somewhat pricier than the fundamental fashions. However, it is fabricated from metal, which makes it a sturdier alternative than inexpensive opponents.

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This standing desk is a no-frills product that can assist you get started in your work-from-home fitness journey. It is available in a couple of totally different colours, too.

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