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Man Who Fathered 550 Children Banned From Donating Sperm

A person within the Netherlands has fathered no less than 550 kids via sperm donation, however after a current court docket ruling, he will not be capable of donate any extra. 

According to a New York Times report, the 41-year-old Dutch man lied to no less than 11 sperm clinics within the Netherlands about his donation historical past and the variety of kids he’d already fathered. He additionally donated at banks in Denmark and Belgium, a few of which can have despatched sperm overseas, and supplied his sperm on social media platforms. His donations over a 16-year interval are believed to have produced between 550 and 600 kids.

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After a lawsuit filed by the Dutch Donor Child Foundation—which represents kids born from sperm donation—in addition to the mom of a kid he fathered, courts dominated that additional donation by the person would have detrimental psychological penalties for his kids. The court docket cited the lack for such an enormous group of kids to have relationships with all their organic siblings, in addition to the potential for unintended incest from so many strangers being genetically associated.

According to The Associated Press, the person maintains that he was solely attempting to assist dad and mom who couldn’t conceive. Still, Dutch courts discovered that the rights of his kids and potential dad and mom have been extra essential, and he is been barred from additional donation. 

The Netherlands and Belgium have instituted new guidelines in gentle of the case, asserting centralized registries to forestall one person from donating too many instances. Previous tips within the Netherlands stipulated {that a} man might conceive a most of 25 kids with 12 moms, however did not monitor donations throughout sperm banks.

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