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How to Do Leg Raises for a Rock-solid Core

Leg raises are a easy body weight exercise that work your core from the hips by means of the midsection. Though typically seen as an efficient solution to produce six-pack abs, leg raises additionally goal the hip flexors, glutes, and pelvic ground. When accomplished accurately, the core does all of the work, and the legs are alongside for the experience. Here’s tips on how to construct this pivotal transfer into your lower-body exercise. 

Leg Raise Benefits

Targeting the higher and decrease belly muscle tissues, leg raises enhance core strength. Unlike many actions, this exercise requires no tools aside from a yoga mat or a mushy floor to lie upon—so there’s no excuse to not do it at residence or whereas touring. Since leg raises contain hip flexors, hamstrings, and glutes, they’re an incredible bang in your buck, working three areas again into alignment in spite of everything these hours hovering over desks and steering wheels. Leg raises even strengthen the pelvic ground, which is essential for guys seeking to maximize erections, stop urinary points, and even stop untimely ejaculation.

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What Muscles Do Leg Raises Work?

All motion begins from the transverse abdominis, which originates from the decrease backbone and wraps round and attaches to the ribs, abs, and pelvis. The “TA” is the primary muscle that fires through the motion. At least it ought to be for leg raises to be efficient—in any other case, you’re simply flailing the legs. 

Few actions work the decrease and higher abs as a lot as this straightforward exercise that requires the glutes to fireside and the hip flexors to maneuver accurately. Don’t dismiss leg raises as simply ab work. They’re an efficient solution to construct core strength, counteract hours spent sitting, and stop accidents.

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How to Do Leg Raises

  1. Lie flat in your again on a yoga or exercise mat and prolong your legs. Your arms ought to be alongside the perimeters of your body and your arms pressed flippantly into the ground. You also can maintain onto a hard and fast object behind you, like a bench.
  2. Activate your transverse abdominis by pulling your stomach button in as if pushing the decrease again into the bottom. Exhale and slowly carry legs.
  3. Raise your legs till they’re at 90 levels from the ground and your decrease again begins to return off the bottom. At this level, cease, and full your exhalation.
  4. As you slowly decrease your legs, inhale and keep contact between your low again and ground. 
  5. At the tip of the motion, preserve your toes hovering off the ground. The key’s to maintain your low again on the bottom and your core engaged.

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How to Add a Leg Raise Into a Workout

Leg raises match into any exercise, residence or away, with or with out tools. If you’ve got a stretching routine within the morning or earlier than mattress, leg raises assist to carry the body again into alignment. If you’ve got an everyday abs program, leg raises can go anyplace within the exercise. 

Some want them to return on the finish, not as a result of they’re probably the most difficult transfer (although they’re not straightforward), however as a result of they assist reset your posture. They additionally match into conventional strength workouts. Drop and do some leg raises you probably have a minute or two earlier than sets of something, particularly on leg days.

Leg Raise Variations

If you lack core strength, attempt bringing your legs to a 45-degree angle quite than the complete 90 levels—or start with one set of 10 (and even 5) quite than doing three sets of 10 reps at first. Better to grasp correct respiratory and 5 right reps than set up unhealthy habits.

To make leg raises more durable, carry your legs one by one. Harder nonetheless: Bring your pelvis off the bottom or your legs as much as the facet to work the obliques and enhance hip rotation. Be certain to maneuver from the hips and core.

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