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How Lemon Juice With Himalayan Salt Can Stop Migraines Within Minutes


Migraines trigger intense and debilitating ache and are sometimes a results of a deficiency of a sure mineral within the body.  They are widespread within the case of dehydration of the body, in addition to after the consumption of sure meals too.

We don’t must really feel thirsty in an effort to understand that our body is dehydrated, as thirst is definitely an indication that the cells are already dehydrated, and it develops when the body fluids are depleted nicely under ranges required for optimum functioning.

In order to test if you’re dehydrated, you need to monitor your urine. A hydrated body produces colorless, clear urine, whereas a dehydrated one produces yellow urine. Moreover, you’re severely dehydrated in case your urine is orange or dark-colored.

Mild dehydration causes dry pores and skin, fatigue, poor coordination, blood pressure adjustments, decreased urine output, dry mucous membranes within the mouth and nostril, and impairment of judgment.

On the opposite hand, the signs of UCD (Unintentional Chronic Dehydration) embrace bronchial asthma, allergy symptoms, migraines, complications, stress, again ache, high blood pressure, and plenty of degenerative health issues.

If you undergo from a migraine, earlier than you flip to painkillers, you need to undoubtedly strive the next trick.

What’s extra, this can be very easy, as you’ll solely want:

– ¼ teaspoons of Himalayan Pink Salt or Celtic Sea Salt

 – 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

– A glass of water (about 8oz or 250ml)

– 1 teaspoon of uncooked honey (elective)


Add the lemon juice and the salt within the water, and stir nicely to dissolve them.

You can sweeten with honey.  Drink the treatment instantly, and observe with one other glass of pure ingesting water.  You ought to drink a glass of water each 10 minutes within the following half an hour, and your migraine will likely be gone!

Although salt retains water, Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt rehydrate the cells, as they’re wealthy in electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins. They will energize the body, enhance immunity, alkalize the body and enhance temper.

Also, you need to drink freshly-extracted juices which can be high in potassium may help to repair this imbalance. Fruit and vegetable juices are wealthy on this mineral, potassium.

Lemon juice is among the many greatest pure migraine cures. Juice it unpeeled, because the peel is high in flavonoids and essential oils that can super-boost the absorption of vitamins. It can even struggle acidity and drastically enhance the absorption of the minerals from the salt.

This treatment works like magic! Try it out and you can be shocked by its immediate results!

Moreover, essential oils could be of nice assist in your struggle in opposition to a migraine as nicely. They are pure painkillers, enhance blood circulate, stability hormones, soothe muscular pressure, and decrease stress or anxiousness. You can apply a number of drops of the oil to a heated towel and place it on the painful aspect of the pinnacle.

According to Jillian Levy, CHHC, these are the best essential oils you should use to alleviate migraine signs:


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