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Eating More to Lose Weight

As a web-based weight loss coach with years of expertise, I’ve witnessed numerous shoppers wrestle to shed kilos by limiting their calorie consumption. Many of them are shocked to seek out extra success in attaining everlasting weight loss after they learn to embrace a counterintuitive strategy: eating extra to lose weight.

In the world of weight-reduction plan, the prevailing knowledge has at all times been to eat much less and transfer extra. While this recommendation might have some advantage, it oversimplifies the advanced relationship between food consumption and weight administration.

One of the primary tenets of my weight loss teaching program (and the explanation why my shoppers are in a position to lose weight and preserve it off for good) is that it really encourages you to cease depriving your self and EAT MORE.

Laura’s Weight Loss Results After She Started Eating More

Ellen’s Weight Loss Results After She Started Eating More

Let’s take a more in-depth have a look at these superb transformations and discover the science behind the thought of eating extra to attain your weight loss objectives.

The Science Behind Eating More to Lose Weight

Contrary to in style perception, weight administration isn’t solely decided by the variety of energy consumed and burned. Food isn’t nearly energy – it’s additionally a supply of essential vitamins your body must perform correctly. Let’s start with two the reason why its potential so that you can eat extra food however nonetheless lose weight.


What Makes your Body Lose Weight When you Eat More Food

1. Eating extra can increase your metabolism, resulting in weight loss.

When you persistently eat too few energy, your body perceives it as a menace to survival. In response, it slows down your metabolic fee to preserve vitality, making it much more difficult to lose weight.
By eating extra of the correct meals, you’ll be able to assist reset your metabolism to a more healthy fee. When you present your body with an sufficient quantity of gasoline, it’s much less probably to enter survival mode, permitting your metabolism to perform optimally.

2. Eating extra will present your body with the vitality it must perform optimally.

When you skimp on food, you miss out on important nutritional vitamins, minerals, and different micronutrients that play an important function in sustaining general health and supporting your weight loss efforts.

Eating extra nutrient-dense meals ensures that you simply not solely fulfill your starvation but in addition present your body with the building blocks it must work at its finest. This might help enhance your vitality ranges and cut back cravings for unhealthy, calorie-dense meals.


For Ellen, all of it started with evelating her morning meal. Her traditional routine was to skip breakfast, usually not feeling hungry till round 1 pm. Once she realized to kick off her day by eating extra, she started to see rapid outcomes.

What Ellen mentioned about eating extra to lose weight:

I like the truth that you started with simple adjustments to my breakfast routine – I didn’t should really feel overwhelmed. At first I believed ‘Im eating a tremendous amount of food, how am I possibly going to lose weight doing this?’ Then I misplaced 3lbs and I used to be hooked. Now I rise up within the morning and I’m starved, and I’m in a position to eat this massive bowl of tasty food and really feel glad.


A busy banker with little time to fret about what she ought to eat to lose weight, Laura D would wait till she couldn’t ignore her starvation anymore, then seize the very first thing she’d see that was simple. We labored collectively to plan high-protein, to-go breakfasts and snacks to have readily available on the workplace or when she travels.

What Laura D. mentioned about eating extra to lose weight:

I went from processed food to high-quality, actual food and now I completely really feel extra glad. I don’t really feel like I’m on a eating regimen. By Nagina demonstrating the science behind eating extra and when to eat it, I get it now.

Not Eating Enough Can And Will Hinder Your Weight Loss

Before I offer you tips on tips on how to eat extra to lose weight, it’s essential to acknowledge the indicators that you could be not be consuming sufficient energy. Ignoring these indicators can sabotage your weight loss progress and doubtlessly hurt your health.

Signs You’re Not Eating Enough

  • Constant Fatigue
    If you end up feeling drained and low on vitality all through the day, it might be an indication that you simply’re not eating sufficient. Inadequate calorie consumption can result in diminished vitality ranges, making it troublesome to have interaction in bodily exercise and preserve an energetic way of life.
  • Slow Weight Loss or Plateau
    Paradoxically, consuming too few energy can decelerate your weight loss progress. Your body adapts to the decrease calorie consumption, making it difficult to shed kilos. If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau regardless of sticking to a strict eating regimen, it may be time to reevaluate your strategy.
  • Frequent Hunger Pangs
    Constant starvation and nagging cravings are widespread indicators of inadequate calorie consumption. When your body doesn’t obtain sufficient food, it sends indicators to your mind, urging you to eat extra. This can result in overeating and poor food selections if you do lastly give in to these starvation pangs. 
  • Mood Swings and Irritability
    Restrictive diets can take a toll in your emotional well-being. Insufficient calorie consumption can result in temper swings, irritability, and even signs of depression. Maintaining a balanced temper is essential for long-term weight loss success. 
  • Poor Muscle Tone and Strength
    Inadequate protein consumption, usually related to calorie restriction, can lead to muscle loss and diminished strength. This can negatively influence your metabolism and hinder your skill to burn energy effectively.

How to Eat More to Lose Weight

Now that we’ve established the significance of eating sufficient for weight loss, listed below are 7 issues to remember if you end up eating extra to lose weight:

  1. Prioritize Nutrient-Dense Foods
    Focus on meals which can be wealthy in vitamins and low in empty energy. Vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, entire grains, and healthy fat ought to type the idea of your eating regimen. These meals present the mandatory vitamins to assist your body’s capabilities with out loading you up with extreme energy.
  2. Eat More Frequent Meals and Snacks
    Instead of sticking to 3 massive meals a day, contemplate spreading your calorie consumption all through the day by eating smaller, extra frequent meals and snacks. This might help preserve steady blood sugar ranges, cut back starvation, and forestall overeating.
  3. Listen to Your Body
    Pay shut attention to your body’s starvation and fullness cues. Eat if you’re hungry and cease if you’re glad. Avoid senseless eating or eating out of boredom, stress, or different emotional triggers. 
  4. Include Protein-Rich Foods
    Protein is essential for preserving muscle mass and supporting weight loss. Incorporate lean sources of protein resembling poultry, fish, tofu, beans, and legumes into your meals and snacks.
  5. Don’t Fear Healthy Fats
    Healthy fat, present in avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil, are an essential a part of a balanced eating regimen. They assist preserve you feeling full and glad, making it simpler to regulate your calorie consumption.
  6. Stay Hydrated
    Sometimes, thirst could be mistaken for starvation. Ensure you’re adequately hydrated all through the day by consuming water and different low-calorie drinks. Sound boring? Try my recipe for Infused Debloating Water.
  7. Consult a Professional
    If you’re uncertain about tips on how to eat extra to lose weight or suspect that you simply’re not eating sufficient, contemplate in search of steering. A dietitian or nutritionist may give you recommendation on nutrition points and healthy eating habits. An expert weight loss coach like me might help create a personalised meal plan that aligns together with your weight loss objectives and ensures you’re assembly your dietary wants. A good weight loss coach will meet you the place you might be and allow you to transition to one of the best metabolism-boosting eating regimen for you with personalised steering and meal plans.

In the pursuit of weight loss, it’s essential to keep in mind that eating extra, when finished correctly, generally is a key to success. By understanding the science behind metabolism, recognizing the indicators of insufficient calorie consumption, and adopting a balanced strategy to eating, you’ll be able to unlock your body’s potential for sustainable weight loss.

Don’t let the parable of strict calorie restriction maintain you again. Embrace the ability of nutrient-dense meals, common meals and snacks, and conscious eating to gasoline your weight loss journey. Ultimately, it’s about nourishing your body, not depriving it, that can allow you to obtain and preserve your best weight.

If you need assistance determining what to eat to lose weight, tips on how to keep motivated, or the following step to take to get one of the best body of your life, study extra about my 8 Week Slim Down Jump Start or e book a name to get started.

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