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10 Things You Can Do Now to Lose Weight by Summer

Summer is a number of months away, and meaning it can quickly be time to get away the summer time wardrobe: shorts, skirts, brief sleeves, sleeveless attire, and naturally, swimsuits. 

As a web-based weight loss coach, I work with many women who as soon as loathed summer time as a result of it meant that they had to put on garments that exposed their our bodies. But after 4-8 weeks, they had been eagerly shopping for summer time garments that confirmed off their slimmer physiques. 

Here are 10 tips I shared with these shoppers – and am now sharing with you – that can aid you lose weight and get that slimmer, tighter body that you simply’ll love exhibiting off when summer time hits.

1. Start every day with Infused Debloating Water

lemon cucumber water

This tip will aid you lose weight by the summer time AND get you in a summery temper.

I like to recommend to all my shoppers that they start the time off by consuming infused debloating water as a result of it does a number of issues to aid you lose weight: it boosts your metabolism, helps you keep away from consuming sugar, and detoxifies and debloats you.

This recipe for infused debloating water comprises lemon, cucumber, and mint, which can aid you really feel bodily lighter and refreshed (slightly than when you drank sugary power drinks or espresso, which might lead to all types of nasty emotions like irritability, fatigue and stomach pain). The mild style of this water will even get you within the temper for summer time, and aid you think about stress-free on the seaside as a pleasant breeze blows via your hair.

The Debloating Water Recipe

Combine these components in a big pitcher and allow them to infuse in a single day. Drink one glass a day (or extra), ideally very first thing within the morning. 

  • 6 cups of water
  • 1- 2 lemons, sliced in rounds with the peel on
  • 1 medium cucumber, sliced in rounds with the peel on
  • 6-8 sprigs of contemporary mint for muddling
  • Optional: sprinkle of cayenne or paprika

Here’s the science on how consuming infused debloating water within the mornings can change your body from the within AND encourage a extra optimistic mindset.


Drinking water increases your metabolism, and consuming a lot of water is without doubt one of the greatest methods to help digestion and get rid of toxins via the colon.


Lemons comprise micronutrients with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Experts link long-term power irritation to quite a lot of illnesses, however the Vitamin C in lemons may also help boost your immune system.


Did that you may make your water much more hydrating? A cucumber consists of around 96% water, top-of-the-line hydrating greens to eat.

Cucumbers additionally comprise vital electrolytes that assist cut back sodium and keep fluid steadiness within the body. Full of potassium, magnesium, vitamin K, calcium, and fiber, cucumbers are related to all the pieces from reversing diabetes to preventing cancer cells from reproducing.


With mint, the magic is all within the scent. Mint is a pure urge for food suppressant that can be utilized to keep sugar cravings at bay and prevent overeating at lunch and dinner.


If you want somewhat kick, attempt including a sprinkle of cayenne (or paprika for the much less adventurous) to actually rev up your metabolism and curb your appetite.

2. Add cinnamon to your espresso


By including cinnamon to your espresso, you get that candy style with out counting on sugar, and it’s one factor you are able to do to aid you lose weight by summer time.

Too a lot sugar is linked to quite a lot of health issues, however when it comes to weight acquire, sugar is commonly the perpetrator. According to Johns Hopkins cardiologist Chiadi E. Ndumele, M.D., M.H.S, “there is enough evidence to say that elevated sugar consumption is an important contributor to weight gain.” 

Drinking sugar within the morning also can lead to a spike in your blood sugar ranges, which might inhibit the oxidative hierarchy, making it troublesome to lose weight (learn extra in regards to the function of insulin, blood sugar, and the oxidative hierarchy in my article “Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight Over 40?”). 

3. Drink inexperienced smoothies

Green smoothies are an effective way to enhance your nutrient consumption and assist with weight loss. Green smoothies are normally made with spinach, kale, or one other nutrient-packed leafy inexperienced like swiss chard. These leafy greens comprise nutritional vitamins A, C, E and Ok, calcium, fiber, and are a terrific supply of plant-based protein. These nutrient-rich leafy greens make you are feeling fuller for longer and due to their considerable quantities of Bile acid sequestrants compounds, inexperienced smoothies assist decrease ldl cholesterol.

By substituting that bagel within the morning or that quick food at lunchtime with a inexperienced smoothie, you’ll be in your method to weight loss in time for summer time.

If you’re skipping meals, I like to recommend including a inexperienced smoothie as a result of it can enhance metabolism as a substitute of retaining it stagnant, which occurs when folks don’t eat sufficient (widespread in women in midlife).

4. Add turmeric to meals

Another factor you are able to do to assist together with your summer time weight loss is to start including turmeric to your food regimen.

Turmeric helps with weight loss by lowering irritation. When your body is infected, it’s simpler to acquire weight and tougher to lose weight. Your entire system is stressed and this leads to a rise in fats storage. Inflammation additionally makes you keep water, which makes you feel and look puffy. However, Turmeric contains curcumin, which has strong anti-inflammatory compounds and reduces obesity-related irritation. 

Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric to meals equivalent to meat, eggs, and smoothies. Its pungent, earthy-sweet style will brighten up no matter dish you’re eating. Combine turmeric with a sprinkle of black pepper, which will increase absorption by your body by over 2000%.

5. Write this mantra: “It’s not all or nothing. It’s the healthier choice.”


This little trick for weight loss has to do with mindset. Mindset is a giant element of weight loss, and if you would like to lose weight by summer time, you will have to get in the appropriate mindset.

Write down this mantra: “It’s not all or nothing. It’s the healthier choice.” You have to do not forget that whenever you get off monitor out of your healthy food regimen, it doesn’t imply you failed. It implies that in that second, you wanted one thing sugary or one thing salty, and the following food alternative you make can be a more healthy one. 

If we let ourselves assume we’ve got failed, it kills any momentum we had on our weight loss journey. So reframe these “failures” into what they are surely: learnings. Learn from them, after which make more healthy selections to your subsequent snack or meal.

6. Eat potatoes final

This is one other little trick that can aid you get slimmer by summer time: eat your potatoes final.

Many folks like a aspect of potatoes with their meals, whether or not it’s french fries, baked potatoes, fried potatoes, potato chips, or potato salad. According to The Packer’s 2022 Fresh Trends survey, potatoes are the most popular vegetable.

When you’re eating a meal with potatoes as a aspect, first eat the protein and vegetable elements of your meal BEFORE you eat the potatoes. Because, although potatoes are thought of “healthy” carbs, your body digests these carbs sooner than different kinds of advanced carbs. These broken-down carbs will cause your blood sugar to spike because they deluge your blood with sugar. If you eat your protein and greens earlier than your potatoes, you’ll lower spikes in your blood sugar, which can stop an excessive amount of fats from being saved in your body. 

7. Eat solely the insides of a sandwich

Another factor you are able to do to aid you lose weight by summer time!

When you eat a sandwich, eat the insides of two sandwiches, or eat one open-faced (one piece of bread) sandwich. This method, you might be eating extra metabolism-boosting meals and fewer fat-storing meals. You’ll additionally really feel full for longer. 

For an extra enhance to weight loss, make your sandwich choices healthy in addition to flavorful. Include nutrient-rich and protein-rich components like leafy greens, greens, and eggs.

8. Mix fruits with healthy fat and protein


This trick will make for a pleasant deal with and aid you shed some kilos earlier than summer time hits.

When you’re having an apple, pear, or different fruit, pair it with 1-2 tablespoons of nut butter, nuts, Greek yogurt, or cottage cheese, or another healthy fats or protein. This will gradual the absorption of the pure sugars within the fruit, and you’ll retailer much less fats.

For concepts on how to pair fruits with healthy fat and protein, try my publish on 15 Foods to Put in Your Greek Yogurt to Lose Weight. 

9. Measure your body to monitor weight loss.

We all want motivation to keep weight loss, and generally the size doesn’t mirror how a lot weight our body is definitely shedding.

Many instances, our weight loss occurs along with gaining muscle, and if we acquire muscle, we’re not going to see excessive adjustments on the size. However, we see these adjustments after we measure our bust, waist, and hips weekly. It’s top-of-the-line methods to monitor and monitor your progress. 

And if you would like to lose weight by summer time to showcase slimmer legs and arms, then measuring these will preserve you additional motivated in your summer time weight loss journey.

Check out the measurements of a few of my current weight loss shoppers:

How Jami Lost Her Muffin Top

How Dr. Monica Permanently Lost 16 kilos at 5’1”

How Suzanne Lost 5.5 Inches from Her Waist in 8 Weeks Using an Online Weight Loss Program

10. Avoid planning actions round food


For my closing tip for summer time weight loss, I problem you to reframe your ideas about food.

Food is meant to be what fuels us. It nourishes our our bodies in order that we are able to reside our lives, play with our kids, and pursue issues that curiosity us. 

Food just isn’t supposed to be the middle of our lives. It shouldn’t be one thing that dictates the place we go and what we do. It might not have occurred to you ways usually you propose an exercise and the principle a part of that exercise is centered round eating. 

To guarantee food doesn’t turn out to be the main target of your day, keep away from planning actions solely round food. Instead of going out to brunch being the exercise of the day, make it a morning hike. Instead of planning your little one’s celebration at Chuck E. Cheese, plan the occasion on the native park. Instead of imagining the place you and your loved ones will exit to eat this Saturday night time, think about yourselves going for a day bike trip. That night time, you’ll be able to have a scrumptious meal like considered one of these healthy crockpot recipes, which can make you are feeling good. 

I’m not saying it is best to substitute actions for eating. Eating ought to nonetheless be part of your day; it simply doesn’t want to be the principle a part of your day. 

Interested in getting extra tips like this, custom-made to you, the meals you want, and your life-style? Then try my 8-Week Slimdown Personal Weight Loss Coaching program, or e-book a name with me right this moment and get started in your weight loss journey. 

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